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Meant to help commercial gardeners and nurseries kickstart their online presence and traffic, came with an optimised website, blog content, and ecommerce store.

But, tell me more!

website, Content & STORE
Online STORE + Website + BLOG CONTENT featured an extensive collection of 68 well-researched articles, covering a wide range of topics in the organic gardening and sustainability niche. With a focus on providing valuable information, the articles have been crafted to engage and educate readers. The content served as a solid foundation for further expansion and optimization.

The website was purchased by a buyer who was a gardening enthusiasts trying to build her presence and passive revenue.

Proven concept & formula

The domain acquired for this project was an aged one (over 20 years) that was established in the gardening sector. This meant better search engine rankings.

The hyper relevant gardening offers within the valuable articles also meant an easier trust-building and selling process.

(the new owner has since updated the site)

Average monthly passive page views of 200

40,000+ research-backed gardening articles

Online store function

Optimised relevant offers as part of content marketing

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