Full online brand, website & video shorts

Meant to establish authority and brand trust of nutritionists and healthy living coaches, the website receives passive monthly traffic & ad income.

But, how was this done?

The Online Brand + Website

HealthyRecipes aims to make meal prep, cooking, and grocery shopping easy, affordable, and fast for young adults, showing them that eating healthy doesn’t mean missing out on social time with family and friends.

The online brand includes a website, blog, recipe index, social media profiles, and four YouTube Shorts to kickstart any nutritionist’s or healthy living influencer’s website presence.

Proven concept & formula

The website receives around 200 to 500 visitors monthly despite being passively maintained.

Repurposing the content into bite-sized YouTube Shorts (videos) attracted over 2,700 views without paid ads.

In terms of ad revenue, the site contributes around US$5 per month despite it being passively maintained.


Average monthly passive traffic of 200 to 500 users

17,500+ words of recipes, research-backed articles & product content

4 YouTube Shorts with a total of 2,700+ organic views

Optimised relevant offers as part of content marketing

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