The website offers healthy recipes, keto recipes, and detailed articles about healthy eating, cooking, and weight loss. The site has growing monthly traffic and comes with a YouTube channel with a couple of strong YouTube Shorts. This online property is great for food nutritionists and wellness influencers who don’t want to start from scratch. We will add content over the 9 months lease.

(Own the website after 9 months)

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Key Highlights

  • 15 recipes with actual photos + 8 articles with healthy cooking tips (17,500+ words of unique content)
  • 4 YouTube Shorts (videos) with 2,700+ organic views and 50+ likes
  • Branded social accounts
  • 518+ views and 150+ users in last 30 days (ending 24 Mar 2023)
  • More than 70% of traffic from the US and Canada (more than 90% of traffic from USA, Canada, UK and Australia combined)
  • Affiliate CTAs & Affiliate Store – simply replace the existing Amazon affiliate links with your account and drive traffic to earn money

Growing Traffic & Affiliate Revenue Potential

Despite the website only being launched in late July, it already receives monthly traffic. In September, the site received over 400 pageviews and over 120 unique visitors. The site is also fully set up with affiliate links and CTAs that don’t need additional approval.

With a bit of SEO and social media content, you’re well on your way to gaining more traffic organically. Just outsource the work to Fiverr freelancers. You could even use paid ads to kickstart affiliate commissions.

Continue reading for more details on SEO Traffic and Affiliate advantages.

Traffic Advantage via SEO & Backlinks

With the site already being indexed on Google with some backlinks, and the domain being 7+ years old and retaining some SEO authority – ranking for keywords is relatively easier.

Also, the focus on keywords in healthy recipes and weight loss garners promising monthly search volumes. Below are a few keywords (with low organic competition) that you can further create content around to take advantage of search traffic.

  • Healthy recipes weight loss – 49,500 searches
  • Healthy recipes soup – 49,500 searches
  • Healthy recipes on a budget for weight loss – 1,000 searches
  • Quinoa healthy recipes – 3,600 searches

Revenue Advantage from being 100% Affiliate Ready

We’ve set up all articles and recipes on with affiliate links and custom-made mobile-optimised CTA banners to Amazon for food ingredients and to Amazon Prime for groceries. We have even placed Amazon options for students and low-income families. Additionally, we have introduced a custom keto meal plan Clickbank offer for our weight loss articles and recipes.

This means you are set to get regular Amazon commissions from people buying ingredients, plus the US$5 bounty on Amazon Prime, and Clickbank commissions at an initial conversion of US$39.55.

The site also includes a store featuring a meal prep service based in Florida; an affiliate program via ShareASale. The store also features the ClickBank Keto meal plan product.

Once you purchase and own the site, you can easily replace all the destination links with your own affiliate links via the affiliate link plugin dashboard. There is no need to edit each article and recipe to replace each link.

High-Quality Unique Content – Written by Native English Writers & Optimised for SEO Readability contains 12,500+ words of recipes, articles, and affiliate product/service copy. All 12 recipes were written by me and were based on tested recipes that we have permission to use. The articles on affordable healthy diets and keto weight loss are also based on robust research and uniquely written by a human.

According to AIOSEO, each piece of content scores at least 77 out of 100 on SEO Readability Optimisation, with most achieving 84 to 98 or higher. AIOSEO is amongst the top SEO WordPress plugins, joining the ranks of Rank Math and Yoast SEO.

Website Design & Speed

The website is also highly optimised for speed and gets GTmetrix Grade A.

The website uses the Kadence theme, which is known for its speed. The design has also been highly customized and UX/UI optimized to highlight the affiliate links and CTAs, without being aggressive.

More than just a website – Social Media Accounts & 1 Short Video Asset

This auction also includes all the social media accounts of, namely Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube that is already set up. We also have a 1-minute video reel asset available on our social channels.

A short video like this is an example of how you can repurpose existing content on the site into a now popular format. These are prioritised by the current social algorithms, which means you can further boost your traffic via very short vertical videos. Again, outsource the work to Fiverr freelancers.

Aged Domain Name Value

Based on past sales in the domain name aftermarket – is appraised at US$843. Please take a look at the details on GoDaddy’s report. It is also 7+ years old, which makes it a valuable aged domain. Feel free to confirm the age via this report.

The domain itself also contains the keywords ‘healthy recipes blog’, which has 720 exact match search volume. This is a strong branding factor.

Additional Ecommerce Function & Some Revenue & Traffic Ideas has an in-built e-commerce store function (using WooCommerce) that is currently set to affiliate mode.

  • You can opt to sell your own digital product (e.g. healthy recipes books), dropship kitchenware, or more with the in-built e-commerce function. Feel free to configure the settings based on WooCommerce’s manual. Selling your own dropshipping or digital products gives you better profit margins, without the hassle.
  • You can create TikTok videos and Instagram reels based on existing content to gain traffic from organic social media.
  • You can create blog and recipe content based on SEO keywords mentioned above that have low organic competition. Because of the SEO advantage, you should be able to rank new content relatively quickly and easily. This means being able to build upon search engine traffic.
  • If you want to quickly earn revenue, you can accept paid guest posts via platforms like
  • If you’re a food and fitness influencer, adding this site to your portfolio would only boost your branding

Not sure if you can trust me or my marketing experience?

Take a look at my LinkedIn profile & recommendations for character reference.

Additional Notes

  1. The installation files of the website, domain name, and social media accounts will be transferred with the sale.
  2. The domain name will be pushed via Dynadot only.
  3. Web hosting is not provided. You will need your own web host. We’d be happy to recommend one to you.
  4. The video reel will be provided as part of the accounts. The actual file can be requested from me.

Please make payment within 24 hours of purchase.

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