Niche Minisites for Domainers

Sell your domains at a higher price

Domain parking pages suck and don’t help you in negotiations! We’ll help you build a legit niche content site that helps buyers see your domain’s potential.

Clients we worked with…

Imagine a niche minisite built on your domain name

Our package includes these key features…

We help you choose a sensible niche

Stuck on a topic for your domain? We’ll pick an appropriate niche topic for your minisite. Some ways we determine this include reviewing:

  • Domain name usage history
  • Domain name keyword opportunities
  • Industry of the top potential end users for your domain name

We build a high-value content site

We build a small niche content website on your domain name that help with getting organic traffic. The site will also increase the legitimacy of the domain name when you’re negotiating with a potential buyer.

The minisite includes:

  • 10 on-topic articles (8,000+ unique words in total)
  • Customized & speed-optimized site design
  • For sale page notice and domain contact form
  • Google Analytics implemented so that you always have traffic stats to share

We add Amazon products

We help you add relevant Amazon product links into around 20% of the content, which you can swap out for your own affiliate links.

We create a logo wordmark

The site comes with a wordmark logo that you can also use on your domain sales listings on platforms like Squad Help.

  • A logo
  • Brand color palette

“[…] true professional. Very easy transaction.

Trusted seller. Thanks!”

Gloria Smith,

“Quick communication. Beautiful website. He created everything to make it easy […]. Website and content is stellar. ”


“[…] did several minsites for me and all were above my expectations. He delivered the work on time and at a GREAT price. […]”

Leon Sariah,
Sariah Marketing

How it works

Pick one of the three domainer minisite packages. Then, include the following info during the checkout process: [1] specify the domain names you want us to work on, [2] include the email address to get domain enquiries, [3] include your Google Analytics email address so that we can share the GA stats, and [4] provide your Amazon Associates tracking ID (this is optional).

If you miss out any item, don’t worry. Just email us with your order ID. Do note that we will only begin when we have all details.

For the domain names you specify, switch your domain nameservers to the ones we specify. We will host your site for one year and you will have non-admin access to the WordPress (self-hosted) installation.

Feel free to move the site to your own hosting provider at any time. We will provide you with the installation files with instructions.

We will build out your minisite according to our listed specifications. This includes 8,000 words of content, a domain enquiry page, the logo wordmark, and the fully designed site. The site(s) will be delivered in 5 to 15 business days, depending on the quantity orders we get.

Take a look at some demo samples.

Minisite Packages

1 x Minisite



Each site includes…

Site topic ideation
Custom wordmark logo
10 articles of 8000+ words
Amazon products added
Domain offer enquiry form
Speed-optimized design
GA4 (analytics) implemented

4 x Minisites



4 minisites at a massive bulk discount

Increase the value of 4 of your domain names with value-added websites.

Each site includes…

Everything mentioned in 1 x Minisite

3 x Minisites



Instead of just one standard minisite, go for 3!

Increase the value of your domain names!

Each site includes…

Everything mentioned in 1 x Minisite

Demo Minisites…

Amazon products

Domain name with an entrepreneurial and leadership minisite. Some articles include relevant books from Amazon.

Amazon products

Domain name with a Montessori/STEM toys minisite. Some articles include relevant toys from Amazon.


In a nutshell, choose the right package for you, specify your domain names to build content sites on, and change your nameservers. In 4 to 10 business days, your website will be ready. Check out the How It Works section for details.

Feel free to add your desired direction in the additional notes area during the checkout process. We will do our best to adhere to it. Do note that, however, there will be no interim feedback sessions.

Please specify your:

  • domain name(s),
  • email address to receive domain enquiries from potential buyers
  • your Gmail email address (for analytics)
  • topic direction (if you have one)

It depends on the number of orders we are handling. In most cases, it will take 5 to 15 business days from the time you specify your domain name.

Yes, in a way. While we will host your website for a year, you will not get admin access to the hosting panel and WordPress (self-hosted) dashboard for security reasons. You will get an account to the backend to add and edit new content, if you wish.

At any time, you can request for a migration installation file to move the website to your own hosting provider.

You can either transfer your website to your own hosting account or get a maintenance package from us.

Minisites for Domainers

Ready to skyrocket your domain name value?

Let us build a high quality minisite for you.